Sorry for being so rubbish…

Right I’ve been really rubbish and not really kept up with my blog. The past few weeks have been really busy but things are under control now so I’m getting back on track with this. I’m going to do a post tonight and then another tomorrow and Friday and I should be caught up with everyone else by then!


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Blog post one: cpd23

Right here goes my first official blog post for the 23 Things for Professional Development course.

  So a bit about me. Well I should point out that I’m a massive Mad Men fan as well as being a bit of a geek. Sorry if any of that sneaks into my blog at any point. I’ll try and keep this as work related as possible.

  I’ve been working in libraries since I was 16. I started work experience at my secondary school library and helped to build up the careers library there. It was a great experience but very different from any of the other libraries I’ve worked in. I studied history and then went on to do an MA in Historical Research. During this time I started working part time at Lancaster University Library as a shelver and got to know a bit more about working in libraries.

  My next step into the library world was helping the Yorkshire Philosophical Society to catalogue their collections. I met some fantastic people doing this and also started thinking about a career in libraries. I managed to secure a fixed term contract at The College of Law where I had two great bosses who helped me to learn a lot about working in a library as well as encouraging me to apply for a graduate trainee scheme.

   I did my graduate trainee year at the University of Northampton and I was able to work in a variety of departments as well as helping out on different projects and attending conferences. It was also the first time I started using social networking sites for work purposes.

  Unfortunately at the moment I am still saving to do my MA but I hope to start it nest year. I currently work at the University of York and I am just about to start a new role as a senior library assistant. I also occasionally work in a museum as well as being a Scout leader in my spare time.

     As part of my role I am on a variety of groups, these include a social networking group and an iPad project. I use Facebook (although mainly for personal use) and Twitter and I also have a LinkedIn account. I’m hoping that the 23 Things course will help me to discover new tools as well as how to maximise the potential of the ones I already use. I’m also looking forward to reading other blogs and discovering how other librarians use these tools.



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I do more than stamp books…

Right here goes nothing. I haven’t really blogged before but as I wanted to sign up for 23 Things I thought I had better start one. No doubt when I read about blogs in the first week I will completely change the layout and the style.

Anyway hopefully the more I post the better it will get and the more I will get from writing it. I’m also just about to start a new role as a senior library assistant.  I could really do with some help and guidance as it’s my first time in a senior position.

So basically the blog will be about 23 things, the library I work in and other things that cross my mind or interest me.



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